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We know vitamins can make a big difference, thats why we're proud to support Vitamin Angels in their work to provide vitamins to children and at risk mums around the work.

It’s not so easy for everyone, everywhere to get the essential vitamins they need. That’s why we are working with Vitamin Angels to assist in their mission to help at-risk populations in need - specifically pregnant women, new mothers and children under five, gain access to life changing vitamins. 

For millions of children around the world, eating basic staple foods like rice or corn for every meal is a harsh reality. While these children are consuming enough calories to survive, they aren’t getting the essential vitamins they need to reach their full potential. Being under nourished means they suffer from “hidden hunger”. 

Currently, it's estimated that 150 million children don't get the vitamin A they need. Without adequate vitamin A, children cannot fight measles, diarrhoea or respiratory infections to the point their lives are in danger. 

We’re making a simple pledge to do our bit and help Vitamin Angels in their mission to defeat malnutrition. It costs just $0.25 (around 20p) to provide two doses of vitamin A to one child during their most vulnerable years (6 months - 5 years).  We pledge to donate £0.10 for every box of t plus sold, therefore every 2 boxes of t plus sold means 1 child is supplied with vitamin A supplements for a year. Simple. 

Find out more about the amazing work Vitamin Angels do at

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