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t+ Boost

Green tea blended with energy releasing B vitamins, yerba mate and ginseng to give you a clean, natural energy release in a delicious natural raspberry & pomegranate flavoured tea.

(15 x wellness tea bags)

About This Smarter Tea

t + boost is an energising blend of functional herbs, green tea, fruit & 50% RDA in 9 daily essential vitamins per clever little tea bag. We blend together energising super herbs yerba mate and ginseng with antioxidant packed green tea and 50% RDA in energy releasing B vitamins ( vitamins that support normal energy yielding metabolism and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue ). We then finish this blend off with an invigorating blend of natural raspberry & pomegranate flavours to create the perfect energising super tea! 


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the t+ travel cup


Team t plus work best when working together. That's why we've paired up the best blends into the best packages for just the right time or place you need them. Take a look at our brilliant bundles and enjoy all of them with free postage (UK only).

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