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The Big Day Bundle

This bundle will help play the supporting role in the run up to the big day in the diary. A months supply of cleansing t + detox and wellness boosting t + multea will help you look and feel in top shape for whatever the occasion. 

(4 x 15 wellness tea bags)

The big day bundle is packaged to give you the best helping hand ahead of that upcoming big day. Wether its a wedding, a reunion or just a big summer holiday, this combo of cleansing green tea, herbs and multi vitamins will help keep you on your healthy mission in the run up. The big day bundle consists of 2 boxes each of:

t + detox - A cleansing blend of green tea, milk thistle, dandelion root, ginger root with added C and B vitamins to help get your body back to being a temple again. Fruity apple & blackcurrant natural flavourings.

t + multea - t + multi vitamin - A powerful little blend of green tea, rosemary, cardamom, spearmint, apple and 9 daily essential vitamins to help keep you in tip top shape. All in a delicious natural lemon & peach flavoured tea.

Each box contains 15 individual foil wrapped tea bags.

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the t+ travel cup


Team t plus work best when working together. That's why we've paired up the best blends into the best packages for just the right time or place you need them. Take a look at our brilliant bundles and enjoy all of them with free postage (UK only).

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